Pre-Order FAQs

What you need to know about Pre-Orders

Our aim is to make the pre-order process as easy as possible. Pre-Orders allow you (the customer) to pre-order products that are most likely to be in high demand. This saves you from missing out and avoids disappointment.

Listed below are a number of FAQs that will help you understand how the Pre-order process works.

  • FAQ no. 1. If your order includes preorder AND in-stock items, we do not send two shipments. In-stock items are held until the preorder items arrive and the order ships as one unit. If you would prefer in-stock items ship immediately, please place a separate order for them.

  • FAQ no. 2. The estimated date of arrival from the US is listed on the applicable Product page. Please understand that this is only an estimate. Sometimes the products may arrive sooner. Sometimes there may be delays. We have no control over the arrival time. Anyone who preorders should be prepared to wait a little longer than the estimated time.

  • FAQ no. 3. Unfortunately Preorders cannot be cancelled.

  • FAQ no. 4. Pre-Orders are usually open for about 10 days. The date will be specified on the product page.

  • FAQ no. 5. Once a Pre Order closes, those items will be hidden from the online store. If you miss the preorder window, don't worry - we always order a little extra stock. You will have an opportunity to purchase those items from our remaining inventory once it arrives at Scrap of Your Life and sale of those items resumes.

  • FAQ no. 6. In the event a Pre-Order cannot be shipped from the supplier, we will advise you immediately and reimburse you the full amount. Sometimes this can happen and it's usually due to an overwhelming demand.

  • FAQ no. 7. If you have opted into email marketing, we may send you emails relating to future Pre-orders that become available. You can unsubscribe from this list anytime.

  • FAQ no. 8. If you see a new product coming to the market and would like us to order it in for you. We can certainly do this and most likely create the product as a Pre-Order option for other customers. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. A great way to do this is to hit the chat button below on the right hand side.

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