How I Began Crafting!

I thought you might be interested in a little about me and how I began this crafting hobby.

For me, my crafting journey began after I had my second child. A was working full-time as a Public Servant with the Australian Department of Defence. In about 2004 one of my friends offered to run a Creative Memories party in my home. We were shown how to cut photos and elements and create a 12 x 12 Scrapbook Layout. Most of you probably remember how simple the pages were, however, it was how we started! and if you think about it, it was probably a good way to start.

Anyway, I was very excited and immediately wanted to get into this hobby. Before I began Paper Crafting I had tried many other hobbies, including Folk Art, Paper Tolle, and Lead Lighting. I hadn't really found anything that excited me so much that I was willing to stick with.

When I was introduced to scrapbooking it was like I had found my true creative outlet. something I really wanted to explore and learn more about.


My Layouts were simple projects! Photos cut into shapes with a few simple sitckers and minimal elements. While I loved what I was doing, The style was missing something. So I started to research more about the hobby and at the same time started a Blog. If you visit my blog you can see the posts go back 15 years and my Scrapbooking Pages were very basic.

It was then I began to research products and I just had this idea about starting a business.

And well the rest is history.


I am still working, (four days a week). So it can get a little hectic. Both my children are grown up. We're near on coming close to a new season of life we call the empty nesters' phase. So my memory keeping is taking a different path! In the Craft Space, you will find me organising craft retreats, running monthly events and always on the look out on how to bring new and exciting ideas to my Community.

I have just launched a monthly Newsletter which every just loves and plan to bring something wonderful and new to community at least twice a year.

A message from me... You can easily create, you just need to start! Crafting is a wonderful journey. You can become part of a Crafting Community and learn as much or as little as you like from others. If you are patient and kind to yourself anything is possible.






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